Do you need a classic, keypad phone?

This is the place to find it! Hundreds of sellers of old style cell phones are gathered here. From sellers that were established back in the first days of mobile phones, to everyday people that just don't need their old phones any more. Find a seller in your area or someone that can ship to your place. It's easy! Just click below...

Do you have old phones to sell? gives you the chance to unlock the value that is now kept in a kitchen drawer. Take your old phones up to sale, get money in return and make other people happy by using those phones and giving them the chance to have one more round in life.

Easy to buy or sell
  • Just a few clicks to get started
  • Transactions by PayPal
  • Public chat available on every item
  • Discuss and arrange how to ship
  • Pick-up is also available
  • Use the chat to negotiate price
  • Sellers are reviewed

  • Buyers are reviewed
  • Search for item
  • Search for location
  • Search for both item and location

For sellers

It is a very simple sign-in procedure. Just a few steps.

In your profile, write a few things "about you".
Add your PayPal Business account.
Start listing the items you want to sell.
Carefully, select the categories where the item belongs and fill in the fields all required information.
The item pictures, ideally should be in a 4:3 ratio.
Submit the listing for approval.
That's it. You sell now!
The fees, currently, are 7% of the item value (shipping cost is not taken into account), paid when an online payment is made.
Please also check with Paypal in your country for additional fees.

For buyers

Sign in, with a few simple steps.

If you need a specific item, use the first search field. Top left corner on desktop or top right on phone.
If you need specific item, sold in specific country, use the second search field also.
Or else, browse the categories and use the search filters for even more options and results.
Find what you need, contact the seller for additional info.
Arrange details and proceed to buying your lovely phone.
Payments are made eiher by PayPal or credit card.
When all is done, come back to review the seller. He will also review you as a buyer.
And that is all!

Or contact us with any questions that you might have