Let's make this place work for everyone

This is a market based on sellers' quality.
We can't possibly emphasize on this enough!
At this starting point, this is a relatively small community of users and enthusiasts, and we all (sellers and buyers) need to cooperate appropriately, to keep everybody happy. Just as simple as that, everybody happy.
But still, we need to establish some rules. You are always welcome to suggest your ideas, to make this place even better.

For the sellers.

Each phone you post for sale, must come with original photos.

Real ones. Not from Google search. Not factory pics or Gsmarena.
Try to upload at least 3 pictures. One with the phone off (front), one with the phone on (front) and one of the back side. Any additional pictures, will just help more to sell your phone.
Listings with "internet", "ready" pics, will not be approved.

Working or not working condition.

A working phone is not just a power-on phone. All other functions should be there too. For example, reception, microphone, earphone, speakerphone, cameras (if there), keys and buttons, charging etc., should be working properly. If a phone fails somewhere, it should be listed under the not-working / faulty category.


This marketplace gives you the opportunity to sell all over the world. But this doesn't mean it's always easy to do so.
There could be restrictions and obstacles needed to overcome, before doing that. For example, real shipping costs, suitable packing and shipping method, and most of all, customs.
So, before you accept payment for something you sell, make sure that yourself and the buyer have cleared all the details.
We understand that this is the buyer's responsibility and not the seller's. But if you feel that a sale might not be completed successfully, then please consider not accepting it. If it doesn't go well, it will only bring negative reviews and disputes.

No zero prices. No 1 euro prices.
Listing with false, "bait" pricing, that only intents to attract buyers into negotiation, will not be approved. If we get complaints that the seller tries to negotiate a higher price than the one that was listed with the item, that listing will be removed, and eventually the seller will be banned.
This market aims to be transparent, and such listings will distort it and make it difficult to use for everyone.

Please consider your pricing carefully and set the price you think best, both for you and the buyer.

Be nice

Selling on this marketplace, will make most of you realize that it's not just the collectors that you will be selling to. As a matter of fact, the collectors will be fewer than the actual everyday users of classic, vintage, retro, keypad, old school phones that you sell.
Please be kind and answer to their questions. A new collector of cell phones, an experienced collector, someone needing his beloved old phone model to use all day. Be kind to them and reply with attention.