Enjoy shopping old phones

For buyers

You have found yourself here, while searching for that old mobile phone that you haven't managed to find for a long time.

In the past, when someone was looking for what we call today vintage phones, he could find it in his city, if not in his neighbouhood. Nowadays, sometimes, not even in his country.

But here is the place to find your beloved keypad mobile phone, or the buttons phone for your collection. Or any Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Panasonic and all the retro, brick, cell phones.

However, please have a look below. It's a short guideline to improve your buying experience on this marketplace.

Do your market research.

An item could be provided by many sellers. Chat with them, see reviews etc. Some times the lowest price might not be the best choice.

Communicate with the seller.

If there are aspects of the sale that make you feel insecure about it, then contact the seller. On each item for sale, there is a chat you can use or read there previews questions and answers. Ask for more and better product pictures if you need.

Double-check the details.

Such as shipping costs, delivery time, delivery method, packing etc. Make sure all is clear and agreed on.

Going around the system.

Yes, you can go “around” this platform and try to negotiate a lower price with the seller (just 7% lower actually). But please bear in mind that in this case, you can not leave a review, and we will be unable to help with any dispute that may arise.

Try not to spam the seller.

Ask for any extra information that you need, but please only if this is not mentioned in the product description or the chat box below or if it is not clear enough. For example, don't ask for price, it is already mentioned in the listing. Or don't ask for price conversion to your country's currency, this is for you to do and not for the seller.

Leave a review

Once you received the item you ordered, please go back and leave a review. Happy or not. It will be helpfull for all and the community needs it.