Who are we

We are enthusiasts. And also in the mobile phones business for 23 years already. We love old phones. We have been selling and buying them and collecting them. We are proud to say we have a huge experience all over this field and through the whole range.
This project was something that kept spinning in our minds for years. But now, it seemed more urgent than ever to just go with it and try to make it happen.
We aim to be a  helpfull hand in moderating this community, gathering, of old mobile phone lovers.

Why we did this

Because we love them. It has become difficult to be sourced locally. It is now more important than ever before to maintain them and keep them alive for as long as we can. Let's face it, this is an era gone buy and will never come back.

Why we need this

Because they disappear fast, going straight to recycle. Because we need

To connect buyers and sellers all over the world to keep it going.

Also to help people, to whom the old phones don't have sentimental value, to unlock some monetary value that is currently kept forgotten in some kitchen drawer maybe.

For whom is this market

For everyone! The collectors and the everyday users.
For the buyers and the sellers

But especially for the everyday users. Those are the people who mostly need them and those are the ones that keep them alive.

How does it work

We tried to make it is easy and simple as possible. And we still do and always will.

You will find step by step guides, on the link below.  Please free to contact us via email, on Facebook or Instagram, for any queries.

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